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Developing the next major nickel project in Brazil


21/12/2022 Director Share Purchase
15/12/2022 Construction of Araguaia Nickel Project remains on schedule and on budget
13/12/2022 Notice of investor presentation
08/12/2022 Horizonte Minerals Plc completes first drawdown under US$346 million senior debt facilities
01/12/2022 Horizonte awards port contracts for its Araguaia Project, key condition for drawdown of debt
25/11/2022 Holdings in Company
21/11/2022 Horizonte secures renewable long-term power, 30% discount to the Feasibility Study power cost
16/11/2022 Holdings in Company
11/11/2022 Quarterly Financial Results
09/11/2022 Holdings in Company
09/11/2022 Holdings in Company
08/11/2022 Completion of Fundraise
04/11/2022 Result of General Meeting
03/11/2022 Electro-Mechanical Contract Awarded for the Araguaia Nickel Project, Brazil
17/10/2022 FS Contract Awarded to Wood plc for the Vermelho Project
12/10/2022 Posting of Circular and Notice of General Meeting
05/10/2022 Results of Oversubscribed Fundraise
04/10/2022 Proposed Equity Fundraise of approximately £61.7 million
04/10/2022 Operational Update
26/09/2022 Araguaia Nickel Project approved as a Strategic Minerals Project by the Brazilian Government
15/08/2022 Interim Financial Results
09/08/2022 Industrial Civil Works Contract Award at the Araguaia Nickel Project
19/07/2022 Community Development Agreement
13/07/2022 Award of Options
13/07/2022 Completion of awards of key process plant contracts at the Araguaia Nickel Project
05/07/2022 Exercise of Options and Total Voting Rights
31/05/2022 Completion of Share Consolidation and Total Voting Rights
24/05/2022 Annual General Meeting Presentation
24/05/2022 Results of Annual General Meeting
20/05/2022 Horizonte Publishes 2021 Sustainability Report
19/05/2022 Breaking Ground at the Araguaia Nickel Project
16/05/2022 Q1 Financial Results
11/05/2022 Earthworks Contract Award at Araguaia
04/05/2022 Appointment of Philipa Varris as Head of Sustainability
28/04/2022 Notice of AGM
20/04/2022 Notification of Major Holdings
19/04/2022 Notification of Major Holdings
14/04/2022 Notification of Major Holdings
08/04/2022 Exercise of Options and Total Voting Rights
07/04/2022 Director Dealings
31/03/2022 Completion of Fundraise
28/03/2022 Final Results for the Year Ended 31 December 2021
24/03/2022 Appointment of Non-Executive Directors
22/03/2022 Award of EPCM Contract to AFRY
16/03/2022 Closing of US$346.2M Senior Debt Facility & US$25M Cost Overrun Facility
25/02/2022 Award of Furnace Contract
10/01/2022 Replacement Holdings in Company