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Developing the next major nickel project in Brazil


At Horizonte Minerals we believe our social sustainability is fundamentally enmeshed with our business strategy, wherein socio-economic benefit and community development go hand-in-hand with our advancement of the projects in our portfolio, ensuring all stakeholders are included in our journey.


With this view it seems only right that we began our community partnership and development at our flagship project, Araguaia. Over the past few years, we have worked to empower and support local people and business: strengthening the local supply chain and providing education and awareness on reproductive health for young people.

Horizonte has partnered with the state of Para to promote the introduction of a local supplier development programme, to ensure that the maximum amount of goods and services are sourced from the local municipalities, rather than further afield or imports, and thereby bosting the local and immediate economy.

Horizonte has also entered into to a partnership with a number of local stakeholders to establish a community flour production facility, in addition to providing training to develop the entrepreneurial skills of project participants. In particular this enterprise is aimed at enabling local women to benefit from the efficient cultivation and processing of cassava to make flour. In addition to donating the materials for constructing the flour production facility, Horizonte built a cocoa seedling nursery to support the technical training of rural producers and crop cultivation. 17,000 cocoa seedlings were grown, in addition to several species of Brazilian trees, ready for planting. The company worked to identify potential crop locations, as well as seeing to the admin of sourcing water permits and overseen the implementation of programmes ensure environmental standards in line with Horizonte’s own sustainability markers.

The Horizonte Araguaia Project has also worked to support a frozen fruit pulp processing agribusiness, and is now financing the electrical outfit to allow the plant to be fully commissioned.

In addition to the agricultural and entrepreneurial aspects of development, Horizonte has partnered with the Barong Institute, working to educate young people in the surrounding areas of the Para state, providing a platform to raise awareness and access to information on reproductive and sexual health.

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