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Developing the next major nickel project in Brazil

Please note that the Company was placed into Administration on 16 May 2024 and Chad Griffin and Geoff Rowley of FRP Advisory were appointed as Joint Administrators.

The Joint Administrators will be winding-down the Company’s operations following which it will cease trading.

Should you have any queries regarding the administration, you can contact the Joint Administrators on

The Joint Administrators act as agents of the Company and without personal liability.

The Company entered Administration on 16 May 2024. The affairs, business and property of the Company are being managed by the appointed Joint Administrators Chad Griffin and Geoffrey Paul Rowley.

Horizonte is committed to good corporate governance, and accountability to all stakeholders. Robust corporate governance improves performance and mitigates risk, it is therefore an important factor in achieving the medium to long term success of the Company.

Our code of conduct detailed in our Business Integrity Policy outlines the behaviour and standards expected of all our employees irrespective of their place of work or role.

Horizonte has created a company culture through the promotion of our values that strives to provide a safe, stimulating and productive workplace where the development of employees is encouraged, all employees are treated fairly and human rights are upheld.


In order to deliver our vision, all team members must share and uphold a universal set of values that are critical to the evolution of an enhanced culture. Our values guide our behaviours and define the way we work with each other and within the wider society


Prevents the negative consequences of unethical actions, acting with full transparency and honesty. Our behaviour and actions should always reflect our ethical culture. Operating with integrity is the only way to contribute to the well-being of people


Makes strategic relations more appreciated and resilient. We build trust when we engage our people, communities, authorities and shareholders on the issues that matter to them. We trust in our people and their talent to deliver on our company Purpose

Responsibility and Accountability

Responsibility & Accountability
We empower our people to take responsibility and accountability in the workplace. We manage our operations and projects responsibly. Our social acceptability relies on being accountable for our positive and negative impacts on our people, communities and the environment

Sustainability and Innovation

Sustainability & Innovation
We put the health and safety of our people first, actively considering the environment and communities in the choices we make, always learning and looking for ways to improve through innovation


Our culture is inclusive and supportive, encouraging all employees to take ownership of their work, lead by example and be accountable for their successes and failures. Proudly Brazilian, we promote local employment wherever possible and provide continual training to upskill our workforce.

Raising a business conduct concern

We encourage an open and inclusive workplace where employees can feel comfortable enough to ask if they are unsure how to respond to a situation, or don’t understand any elements of the Business Integrity Policy. In the same way, we urge those outside the company to raise queries and concerns about how we do business.

You can contact us online, and can choose to remain anonymous using this link:

Otherwise, send any business conduct queries to

Extractive Sector Transparency Act (ESTMA)

As part of our compliance with the regulation of the Natural Resource of Canada of reporting any payments done to Governments in the countries where we operate, the Company files an annual ESTMA report.

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