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Developing the next major nickel project in Brazil

Meet the Team: Gabriel Cerqueira

Gabriel Cerqueira
Land Management Manager

Experience: Gabriel has over 13 years of experience in land and environmental management in the mining industry, including land negotiation, acquisition, environmental permitting and legal requirements. Before joining Horizonte in May 2020, he worked for CBA (aluminium) and BAMIN (iron ore), where he was the Land Management and Environmental Manager for the Caetité mine in Brazil. Gabriel has a degree in Law and a postgraduate diploma in Rural & Environmental Law.
Hobbies: Cooking, music (Gabriel is the singer of a rock band in Brasília) and audio-visuals in general (films, series, games).

Tell us about your role at Horizonte.
My current focus is negotiating with landowners in the region where we operate. Our major objective is to guarantee access to the areas required for environmental, engineering and geological studies and for the construction of the Araguaia Project. In addition to land negotiation, my role involves many other factors associated with the relationship between Horizonte and the land it uses for its operations, ranging from providing access to the land, to regularising the land ownership and maintaining Company's areas. I also have a direct interface with the environmental, geology and social teams, as land management involves aspects such as environmental compliance, access to new areas for exploration activities, resettlement and engagement with our neighbours.

What excites you most about Horizonte’s projects?
Araguaia is an amazing project that will help develop the south of Pará state as a whole, providing opportunities to the municipality of Conceição do Araguaia and the region. I feel very privileged to be a part of its development. It is also very exciting to be involved in the nickel industry. Nickel is extremely important for the global development. It is a raw material that will be pioneering a new phase in the development of mankind, due to its use in clean energy solutions.

What made you want to work in the mining industry?
Mining is one of the oldest activities in mankind's history and it is often referred to as the industry of industries. Working in mining is really rewarding, as we can leave a legacy from our work, contributing to sustainable development. In addition, I have the opportunity to help reverting the negative image that is often attributed to this sector, that does not correspond to the socioenvironmental responsibility of the mining companies I have worked for.

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