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Developing the next major nickel project in Brazil

World Environment Day at the Araguaia Project

World Environment Day was founded by the United Nations as an international date to encourage worldwide awareness and action for sustainable environmental practices. The event dates back to 1972.

Horizonte Minerals celebrates this important date each year with local communities located in the areas where we plan to build our future mining and metals projects.

This year, Horizonte Minerals’ team promoted sustainability and environmental stewardship on World Environment Day over the course of three days, together with local municipal schools and the Federal Institute of Education. The event took place in Conceição do Araguaia town between 4-6th June, involving over 300 students.

Horizonte Minerals employees led talks and debates on the importance of environment conservation and the role of environmental management teams in mining companies. Students also received donated shrubs of native species so that they too can participate in protecting local biodiversity.

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