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Developing the next major nickel project in Brazil

Meet the Team: Hugo Leonardo Alves dos Santos

Hugo Leonardo Alves dos Santos
Geographic Information System (GIS) & Database Coordinator

Experience: Hugo has a degree in Geoprocessing and over 15 years of experience in mining, from exploration to beneficiation, including nickel exploration in the northern region of Brazil. Before joining Horizonte, he worked for Luna Gold, BEMISA and Amazônia Mineração
Hobbies: Reading, music and spending time with his family, preferably in contact with nature

Tell us about your role at Horizonte.
The GIS & Database department, which I coordinate, supports all departments in the company, generating and processing data and maps, from geology and mine to engineering, process and sustainability. In addition, I monitor Horizonte's mining rights. Since I joined Horizonte 8 years ago, one of my most important projects in the company was structuring our database, working with several disciplines while ensuring data integrity and security. The reliable and high-quality information extracted from the database has contributed greatly to achieve our objectives in each stage of our projects, such as in the preparation of environmental impact studies (EIA/RIMA) and issuing of licenses and mining concessions.

What excites you most about Horizonte’s projects?
It is very exciting to be part of Horizonte. It is a company that has the highest quality and technical capacity to deliver its results. At Horizonte, we use geoprocessing to validate and organise spatial data and make cartographic products to help defining and executing several works. For us, geoprocessing is present from the initial phase of the projects, such as geological survey and mapping, environmental impact assessment, mine planning and operational & environmental control of the activities, to the mine closure phase. Horizonte is committed to health and integrity and promotes respect for people. I have been part of this team for almost 10 years, and I have a lot to contribute and learn in the next stages, when we will become a significant nickel producer, with our Araguaia and Vermelho Projects.

What made you want to work in the mining industry?
We all know that all the development achieved by the humankind is largely due to mining. Without even knowing it, we use lots of products from a variety of minerals, such as cars, cutlery, mobile phones, fridges, coins etc. This makes each person who works in mining a participant in the continuous progress of humankind. My first opportunity to work in mining was an internship position in the second year of my undergraduate. I was 19 years old, married, and about to have my first child, and I knew I should take that opportunity as one of the most important in my life, and I was not wrong! Working in mining has given me several professional and personal experiences. I have been to places and met people I had never imagined before, and I am constantly learning from every activity. I feel fulfilled for working in mining and I hope to continue sharing new experiences, brought by each challenge.

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