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Developing the next major nickel project in Brazil

Meet the Team: Carla Patrícia Marrafon Aiala

Carla Patrícia Marrafon Aiala
Mining Technician

Experience: Carla holds a technical degree in Mining and a BSc in Environmental Management. She joined Horizonte in 2017 via the Company’s internship programme.

Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, reading books and watching thriller movies.

Tell us about your role at Horizonte.
I am a member of the Sustainability team, and I am responsible for Horizonte’s environmental monitoring activities. Sustainability encompasses not only environment but also health & safety and social affairs therefore I have the privilege of working with different departments in the Company, as a contributor and sometimes even as a project developer. For example, I was responsible for the safety induction training and I developed a project to prevent child abuse in Conceição do Araguaia, in partnership with public schools, the government and the police. In addition, I provide support in the field to the consultants hired by Horizonte, such as during the archaeological studies, which is definitely a fantastic experience. I am in contact with high-skilled professionals from several disciplines and with different kinds of studies and methodologies… it is fascinating!

What excites you most about Horizonte’s projects?
Horizonte’s overall vision is to become a leading nickel producer. To achieve this vision, the Company employs many of the industry’s top talent. Working with this team is a huge opportunity for me as it enables me to learn from the best. As a resident of Conceição do Araguaia it is very exciting to have such large and exciting projects in the area, it is a catalyst for positive change and development in the area. Horizonte’s commitment to social responsibility is also great, it gives the local communities confidence in the Company and its activities – I’m privileged to be a part of this.

What made you want to work in the mining industry?
I was born in São Paulo but I moved to Conceição do Araguaia in 2007. When I heard that there was a mining company operating in the area. I thought it might present me with a good opportunity so I decided to do an undergraduate course in Environmental Management followed by a technical degree in Mining. This enabled me to join the Company’s internship programme. I am interested in how the mining industry will embrace innovation and technological development in its endeavour to drive sustainability and promote sustainable development. It is a challenge that I am excited to be a part of at Horizonte.

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