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Developing the next major nickel project in Brazil

Meet the Team: Letícia Peres de Morais

Letícia Peres de Morais
Licensing and Environmental Coordinator

Experience: Letícia holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering and Occupational Safety, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Auditing and Environmental Survey. She is currently taking an MBA in Project Management. Before joining Horizonte in 2015, she worked for Anglo American as an Environmental Engineer.

Hobbies: Spending time with her family and friends

Tell us about your role at Horizonte.
In my current role, as Licensing and Environmental Coordinator, I am involved with all stages of the licensing process for both the Araguaia and Vermelho Project. I also coordinate our environmental monitoring activities, ensuring Horizonte has a solid base of socio-environmental data for our area of operation prior to construction starting.

What excites you most about Horizonte’s projects?
At Horizonte, I am contributing to the successful early stages of the project’s development. This environmental, social and sustainability work, before construction starts, is critical and establishes strong foundations for the projects. This experience is rewarding and is a professional achievement for me. The Company demonstrates its value every day, with a fantastic team that encourages us to develop as individuals with continuous learning.
At Horizonte, I have learnt that it is possible to balance mineral extraction with sustainability, and in my role I directly contribute to developing a sustainable mining business. Horizonte’s high-skilled professional team, with managers who support us to make decisions and to carry out our duties, is a great motivation to play my role in the Company.

What made you want to work in the mining industry?
My youth was influenced by people who worked in the mining sector. When I started my degree, I saw great opportunities to work in mining as well as fostering a business environment which was positive, profitable and socially fair by contributing to enhance sustainability and environmental protection. When I graduated, I looked for job opportunities in the mining sector, as I realised that it was also possible to apply the knowledge I had just acquired to this sector, continuously increasing my passion for my profession.

I believe mining is extremely important for global development. Being able to do what I love, while contributing to world development, brings a great sense of pride for me, together with the whole team.

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