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Cacao Forum of Conceição do Araguaia-PA, May 2019

Horizonte Minerals was the proud sponsor of the recent Cacao Forum of Conceição do Araguaia-PA, held in the State of Pará on 31st May. This event seeks to boost the income of local farming families by helping families to diversify their crops and  compete in the national Cacao market.
The forum encourages new small businesses in the local communities nearby the planned Araguaia Nickel Project, and does this by:

  1. teaching of core principles for rural entrepreneurship;
  2. hosting technical workshops for the farmers to understand cultivation methods for the cacao crop; and
  3. donating Cacao seeds for farmers to begin their own cultivation.

Over 90 people from the local community attended, including farmers, students and entrepreneurs. This important event was organised in partnership with EMATER-PA, Conceição do Araguaia Municipal Secretariat of Agriculture, Sebrae, Conceição do Araguaia Municipal Council, SENAR, Federal Institute of Agronomy of Para and SIAFRA Project Farmers.

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