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Developing the next major nickel project in Brazil

Code of Conduct

Integrity and responsibility are core values for Horizonte. Learning and continuing to command trust are fundamental to the success of our business and the development of the local community; our stakeholders can be confident that all facets of our relationship will be handled fairly and ethically.

We are committed to working with stakeholders in government, business, and civil society to promote good governance and to prevent corruption.

All employees are aware and thoroughly trained in the company’s Business Integrity Policy.

Raising a business conduct concern

We encourage an open and inclusive workplace where employees can feel comfortable enough to ask if they are unsure how to respond to a situation, or don’t understand any elements of the Business Integrity Policy. In the same way, we urge those outside the company to raise queries and concerns about how we do business.

You can contact us online, and can choose to remain anonymous using this link:

Otherwise, send any business conduct queries to

Extractive Sector Transparency Act (ESTMA)

As part of our compliance with the regulation of the Natural Resource of Canada of reporting any payments done to Governments in the countries where we operate, the Company files an annual ESTMA report. 

2016 report
2017 report
2018 report
2019 report

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