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Developing the next major nickel project in Brazil

Health and Safety


Horizonte operates a comprehensive health and safety programme to ensure the wellness and security of all its employees. The control and eventual elimination of all work-related hazards requires a dedicated team effort involving the active participation of all employees. The programme is the primary means for delivering best practice in health and safety management. This programme is regularly updated to incorporate employee feedback, lessons learned from past incidents and new guidelines related to new projects. Through this we aim to identify areas for further improvement of health and safety management, resulting in a highly effective programme. Employee involvement is fundamental in identifying and reporting unsafe conditions and avoiding events that may result in injuries and accidents.

Policies and Procedures
The Company operates under six golden rules aimed at mitigating the majority of health and safety risks. Annually, Horizonte management provides a detailed in house review of the Company’s health and safety programme hand in hand with all members of the Brazilian exploration team. In addition, the Brazilian exploration personnel attend accredited independent courses in first-aid, risk assessment, fire combat and defensive driving.