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Developing the next major nickel project in Brazil
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To Horizonte Minerals employees, sustainability means that we minimise harm to the environment by planning, operating and closing our projects in an environmentally responsible manner. Our approach is based on the robust identification, assessment and control of risks across all phases of the project and work in partnership with environmental authorities and local community groups.

Horizonte Minerals understands the need to take care of the planet’s precious resources. That is why our Araguaia Nickel Project is planned to recycle over 80% of its water consumption.

We are committed to protecting the soil, air, water and biodiversity in areas where we undertake exploration and in areas where we plan to build the future Araguaia mine. For this reason we have undertaken complete baseline environmental studies on all of these areas, and continue to monitor the environment before construction even starts.

The Integrated Health, Environment and Safety policy
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