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Developing the next major nickel project in Brazil
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Horizonte Minerals continues to work in partnership with its rural communities and to treat its local farming families with the utmost respect..


Throughout Araguaia Project’s lifetime, Horizonte will focus its contributions into three main categories, in the Conceição do Araguaia Municipal: economic development; social development; and care & respect for its community.

Our economic development pillar includes:
  • Maximising local employment opportunities in our company;
  • Developing local suppliers who can provide services to our company and others in the region; and,
  • Developing small and medium enterprises, particularly in the rural area.
Our social development pillar includes:
  • Providing capacity building programmes to the local government where we operate; and,
  • Eventually investing in education/cultural activities once Araguaia moves to operation.
Our care and respect pillar includes:
  • Public health programme, including sexual health education;
  • Environment education programme;
  • Resettlement programme aligned with IFC guidelines;
  • Mine closure plan; and,
  • Engagement and continuous communication.

Our innovative socio-economic development strategy, planned for the future mine, aims to diversify the local economy and build strong vibrant communities to ensure sustainable net positive benefits are received by our local stakeholders before, during and after mining has taken place.